Not all important network incidents and statuses are defined only by your network element alarms. Certain event sequences and alarm combinations can be indicative of situations that should be tracked or addressed.

Advanced Logic Processing is a new application to the Telenium suite that enables the designing of logic procedures (ALPs) that trigger based on any combination of events, including detection of alarms, changes to database fields, expiration of timers and ON/OFF indicators. Activation of the ALP can generate alarms, modify database fields, execute scripts or perform complex correlations.

Our example monitors the AC power failure alarm, the Generator Running alarm, the Generator Commanded to Run control point, the Generator Fuel Level and the Battery Power Levels. Alarms are raised on unexpected situations including “generator running with AC power”, “generator not running and no AC power”, “generator fuel dropping without generator running”, “battery level dropping below a threshold” and “generator running with AC power and approaching environmental limits”. Any of these ALP alarms could be predictive of occurrences including equipment failure or unauthorized access to the site.