Telenium SML Version 8 Technical Conference

November 13-15, 2018
Sheraton Cavalier
Calgary, AB, Canada

Over the past several years MegaSys has been developing a new SML architecture for the Telenium Product. Version 7 served its purpose for representing TDM type services, but we have recognized that the world is moving more and more into Ethernet technologies. The version 7 architecture was somewhat limited in representing this type of traffic and thus the genesis of version 8 began.

MegaSys is currently in the home stretch of this development and as such we are hosting a technical conference just for our SML customers. Version 8 is a major departure of the version 7 approach to traffic and as such there are several topics to discuss:

• New database records (SERVICE, LINK, PATH, SEGMENT, TIP, TAP, TAC, TAF…)
• New inter-record relationships
• New file structure to the Telenium Object Oriented database
• New user interfaces
• New alarming concepts
• New external APIs
• New virtualization of networks/services
• New service design capabilities
• New historical information
• New root-cause analysis features

A block of guest rooms has been reserved for attendees at a cost of: $149.00 Canadian/night + taxes. Click here to reserve your guest room today!