Telenium Features

Telenium has a wide array of features designed specifically to keep your network performing at an optimal level. We are committed to providing our customers with the fastest and most complete network management technology available today, giving you the capability of managing your network along with all of your network elements through one intuitive dashboard.

Fault Management  

Detect network failures and navigate through affected equipment to isolate and correct any problems with Alarm Chrono, Alarm History, Alarm Counter, Alarm Processing and a Self Monitoring System. Learn more.

Configuration Management

Manage network elements from multiple locations, load network element configurations and enable rapid disaster recovery with Bulk Import/Export, MID Compiler/Trap Manager, Reach-Thru, Simple System Turn-Up, Network Provisioning and Email/Escalation Manager. Learn More.

Accounting Management

Generate reports to obtain the network information that you need with applications such as Automated Reporting and Real-Time Inventory Reports. Learn More.

Performance Monitoring 

Analyze and interpret network performance data with features such as Real Time Graphical Trends, Network Element Performance Charting, Quality of Service Monitoring, Circuit Traversal, Graphical Screen Manager, Graphical Editor and Port Traffic Layout. Learn More.

Security Management

Control access to your network and database information with Multiple Levels of Access, Logon Attempt Recorder and Local LDAP Authentication. Learn More.

Service Management

Utilize a real-time accurate view of the circuit path through your network, allowing you to optimize network routing to reduce your costs. Learn more.

Additional Features

Telenium is continually evolving to meet the ever changing demands of the telecommunications industry, some features setting us apart from other network management products include: System Scalability, a High Performance Object Oriented Database, System Synchronization, Load Sharing, Comprehensive Supported Network Elements List, Lighting Strikes Reporter, Dynamic Add-on Applications and a Dedicated Customer Support System. Learn more.