Additional Features



Telenium® is continually evolving to meet the ever changing demands of the telecommunications industry, keep checking back here for other features that improve customer experience and enhance system performance.

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High Performance Object Oriented Database

Our system is designed to allow different network elements to be integrated into our database. We work with our customers to ensure the most effective architecture evolves. Ultimately, this allows changes to be recorded immediately upon detection, not at pre-defined cyclic period.

System Synchronization

Unlike “hot/standby” configurations, Telenium synchronizes all cooperating computers to typically within 5 milliseconds of each other. This feature allows you to keep your network running even in the case of catastrophic failure at your prime center, as mastership can switch among synchronized processors.

Comprehensive Network Elements List

Telenium boasts the most comprehensive compatibility in the industry, supporting over 500 network element models and multiple telecom protocols including SNMP and TL-1. See our full supported network elements list for more info.

Lightning Strikes

This feature allows you to pinpoint network disturbances possibly caused by lightning strikes.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our expert staff provides you with in-depth training, documentation and support so you get the most out of your Telenium system.