Calgary, AB – Apr 24, 2019

MegaSys is excited to announce Telenium Workshops 2019: a 2-day event hosted by MegaSys from September 10-11, 2019. It gives Telenium users a chance to participate in hands-on workshops providing basic and advanced Telenium training, as well as opportunities for discussion of current and future projects between attendees and the MegaSys project team and executive, and training on the new SML 8 and Smart Tiles dashboard.

Workshop schedules will soon be made available for this year’s collection of Telenium workshops, which include:

• Telenium Reporting
• Advanced Logic Processor
• Telenium Smart Tiles
• SML 8 Training
• Telenium Fundamentals

This year’s workshops will be held at The Malcolm Hotel, Canmore’s premiere luxury hotel, with a discounted standard room rate of $161.00/night being offered to all attendees. For more information, or to book your room today, you can email them at Be sure to mention MegaSys in your email’s subject line.

If you’d like to register for Telenium Workshops 2019, or if you have any questions, please email MegaSys does not charge a registration fee for this seminar. Attendees are responsible for their travel and living expenses, and some meals.

MegaSys is a major supplier of advanced Network Management Systems for the telecommunications market based on its flagship product Telenium. MegaSys has developed the most powerful and flexible network management system available, designed on an intelligent, high performance, object oriented database that provides unsurpassed processing, network management and database growth. Earning a reputation as a world-class performer in network management, MegaSys has delivered Telenium solutions across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. MegaSys customers include utilities (power, water, transportation), wireless and broadband carriers, CLECs, IXCs, cable companies and state agencies, ranging in size from small regional networks to large national networks. Additional information is available at