MegaSys® is the global provider of Telenium®, an advanced network management software package designed to provide telecommunications, cable, government and utility markets with the tools they need to keep their network performing at optimal levels.

Telenium Network Management Software comes in three unique packages designed to meet your needs:

Gain full control of your Element, Network, and Service management layers.

Our entry level product designed specifically for small to medium sized companies.

A software package designed for manufacturers of network elements.

Our product line provides customers with the fastest and most complete network management software available today. Telenium allows your network to reach its full potential by providing you with unsurpassed processing power, network management capabilities, scalability and database growth opportunities.

Telenium Network Management Software’s multi-vendor platform gives you complete control of:

Fault Management – Process network alarms in real-time to isolate and fix problems quickly.
Configuration Management – Configure and manage your network elements from multiple locations.
Accounting Management –  Always have an up-to-date list of what equipment is in your network.
Performance Monitoring – Analyze graphical trends and service chains to make informed decisions.
Security Management – Keep your network and data safe through our advanced security features.

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Structured on a high-performance object oriented database, Telenium network management software provides you with essential features including auto-population of network architecture, circuit management capabilities, high throughput alarm processing, network element backup and more!

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