Telenium® Blu is a complete network management solution for telecom, utility and other companies which require an entry level TL1, SNMP, and RTU based alarming system.


Based on our award-winning Telenium Spectra software, Telenium Blu includes a wide array of features designed to allow your network to reach its full potential, while still being sensitive to your budget needs. Never before has such a comprehensive network management solution been so affordable.


Give your small to medium sized businesses the Telenium Advantage through features such as:


Alarm Chrono – Continuously process up to thousands of alarms per second! Detect network problems early so that you can isolate and correct the problem, minimizing the impact on your bottom line.


Self Monitoring – Telenium monitors itself and raises alarms when disk or other system faults occur. This means less time watching your network, and more time growing your business.


Bulk Import/Export – Update your database quickly and effectively.


Network Element Backup and Restore – Restore services to your customers in the event of a network failure.


Network Element Performance Charting – See a graphical display of your system performance information.


Customizable Security Settings – Record login attempts and protect your sensitive data.


& More!


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