Calgary, AB – November 3, 2014

Telenium Spectra has been selected by Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) – Rocky Mountain Region (RM) to manage its evolving communications network. Telenium Spectra successfully meets WAPA-RM's requirement to support and manage many different network protocols in a complex network by providing a fault tolerant, vendor neutral management solution with a proven capacity for growth.

About MegaSys

MegaSys Computer Technologies is a major supplier of advanced Network Management Systems for the telecommunications market based on its flagship product Telenium. MegaSys has developed the most powerful and flexible network management system available, designed on an intelligent, high performance, object oriented database that provides unsurpassed processing, network management and database growth. Earning a reputation as a world-class performer in network management, MegaSys has delivered Telenium solutions across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. MegaSys customers include wireless and broadband carriers, CLECs, IXCs, cable companies, private utilities and state agencies, ranging in size from small regional networks to large national networks. Additional information is available at


The Rocky Mountain Region is one of four regions of the Western Area Power Administration

RM sells power in Colorado, most of Wyoming, Nebraska and northeastern Kansas to wholesale customers such as towns, rural electric cooperatives, public utility and irrigation districts, Federal, state, and military agencies, Native American tribes, investor-owned utilities, power marketers and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation customers.