MegaSys offers both operator and system administrator level training. Courses are customized ensuring your team gets the training they need to best manage the Telenium system. These training courses can be delivered at our training facility or your site.


Operator Training

Operator Training provides network operators with an understanding of how to use Telenium modules for network surveillance and provisioning. Operators learn to:


– Navigate within the Graphic Screen Manager and query the database

– Recognize alarms on the system, acknowledge alarms, and change the alarm classification and filter scheme within a session

– Issue controls to the network elements

– Access and manipulate historical alarm/event information

System Administrator Training

The System Administrator course provides system administrators with an understanding of how to build, manage, and maintain the Telenium database. They learn to:


– Use each of the system’s component tools and Telenium System functions

– Populate the Telenium database with the network elements monitored by the system

– Customize the Telenium System

– Troubleshoot, maintain, and manage the Telenium System

Service Level Management Training

This course provides system administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to populate and maintain the circuit database within the Telenium System. They learn to:

– Build pipe, circuit, facility, and customer records through various applications

– Initiate and read facility and circuit trace reports

– Restore and normalize network traffic

– Fine-tune network restoration

– Reroute network traffic with user-defined preplans

Customized Training

Customized training is available upon request. Advance notice is required for customized training. Should you require customized Telenium training, please speak to your MegaSys project manager.