High Speed MCS-11 Conversion



The MegaSys MPID/FKM protocol mediator enables your Telenium network management system to connect to and manage Alcatel MDR series radios and Fial RTUs using the highly efficient MCS-11 protocol.

Dual RS422 interfaces

Configuration on the FKM protocol interface is only enabled during power-up with the setup button depressed. The internal browser is automatically disabled after 5 minutes in setup mode and the device returns to full operational mode.

Cyber Security Features

The MPID/FKM converts TCP/IP to synchronous RS422 format compatible with the MCS-11 protocol interface standard.

Browser Configurable

One Ethernet 10/100 auto-sensing interface.Two synchronous RS422 64000 bps interfaces.Independent clock source/sync configuration.Screw terminal -48VDC with auxiliary grounding connector.

Automatic Lockout

Operating: -20VDC to -72VDC with overvoltage protection Typical Power Consumption: 3 watts Temperature: -20C to +60C Humidity: Max 95% non-condensing Fuse: 1/2 amp 3AG type fast blow.

-48VDC Operation

Configurable through a built-in web server to set IP address subnet mask default gateway and clock configurations.

Rackmount Profile

19″ rack mountable requiring only 1U of rack space. Supplied with two 6 foot RS422 cables for direct connection to your MCS-11 device.

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