With a comprehensive list of features that allow you to control your element, network and service management layers from one intuitive dashboard, Telenium® Spectra takes your network management capabilities to the next level.


Our award-winning network management solution delivers performance, security, fault tolerance and more to each layer of the network management model. Our software supports network elements from hundreds of manufacturers, and provides network operators with photo-realistic representations of equipment so they can communicate appropriate changes to technicians so faults can be corrected with little to no downtime for customers, as soon as network problems are detected.

With Telenium Spectra, you have less system downtime leading to improved profits and customer satisfaction. Experience the Telenium advantage today through:


Fault Management – Detect network failures and navigate through the affected equipment with features such as Alarm Chrono, Alarm History, Alarm Counter, Alarm Processing and our Self Monitoring System.


Configuration Management – Manage network elements from multiple locations and load configurations with features such as bulk import/export, MIB compiler/Trap manager, Simple System Turn-Up, Network Provisioning, Network Element Backup and Restore.


Accounting Management – Generate reports that reflect the information you need to know, when you need it with Automated Reporting and Real-Time Inventory Reports.


Performance Monitoring – Observe and analyze what level your network is performing at with tools such as Real-Time Graphical Trends, Network Element Performance Charting, Quality of Service Monitoring, Circuit Traversal, Graphic Screen Manager, Graphical Editor and Port Traffic Layout.


Security Controls – Protect your network through features such as Multiple Levels of Access, Logon Attempt Recorder and Local LDAP Authentication.


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