MegaSys Computer Technologies offers Telenium Product Certification to network element manufacturers. This certification qualifies the network element management interface with our Telenium Network Management System. Your Telenium Certified Network Element is recognized by Telenium customers as a fully qualified device. As a Telenium Certified Member, you can take advantage of enhanced opportunities within our broad customer base.


Verification and Validation – Telenium Certified Network Elements undergo rigorous fault, performance and configuration testing in a lab environment furnished by MegaSys Computer Technologies and the network element vendor, followed by extensive validation in a trial or customer verification environment. This comprehensive certification process provides an accurate representation of your network element within Telenium.

Product Evolution – The Telenium Product Certification process includes the development, testing and final certification of your Network Element at its current release. Annual Support Services ensure immediate availability of the current revision of your network element to Telenium Network Management Solutions users.

Market Identification – Subscribers to Telenium Product Certification Annual Support Services are identified as Telenium Certified in our marketing material. The Supported Network Elements section of our web page will include your company/product logo and link to your web page. Telenium Certified Members may use the logo in marketing and presentation materials, and provide web page links to the MegaSys web site.

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